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Battalion Project Planner - Energy storage project and portfolio modeling. Specializing in investment-grade modeling of complex wholesale + retail energy storage projects. Optimize project technical and financial parameters for complex value stacks with full utility tariff support.

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Battalion Edge - An advanced energy storage site controller platform for ESS + PV that provides measurement, monitoring, optimization, EMS controls and beyond. Supercharge your existing assets and upgrade the software stack for new build ESS and Solar + ESS projects. Controls hardware is included.

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Battalion Live - ESS + PV asset management portal enables remote operations workflows with secure data management, data visualization, alarms, notifications, and reporting. Dig deep into the data with the infinitely customizable drag-and-drop user interface.

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Battalion Marketplace & APIs - Operating diverse ESS and PV+S assets across multiple markets requires using the best available tools. Easily deploy pre-integrated partner applications and plug-ins via the Battalion Marketplace. Unleash your technical team’s expertise and creative drive using Battalion’s plug-in API.

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Energy Storage

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Solar PV

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Solar + Storage

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EV Charging

Digital platform built for the future of energy storage.

Founded on the principle that asset owners, developers and integrators deserve the best tools and technology available to develop and operate energy storage projects.

Integrated software platform



Get in touch to learn more and discuss how we could help you with your new and existing energy storage and solar + storage projects:

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Meet the Leadership Team

Enrico Ladendorf

Chief Executive Officer

Founded Pason Power - Energy Toolbase Inc. 7+ years developing energy storage software, 90+ ESS projects, 18+ years developing mission critical IOT platforms. Masters of Science and Engineering, Computer and Information Science at University of Pennsylvania. BS CS Univ of Texas Austin.

Adam Crain

Chief Technology Officer

Founded Step Function I/O, developers of utility and power systems communication software licensed to utilities and Fortune 500 vendors.

Software security researcher with 30+ CVEs discovered in 3rd party electric grid products. Lead OpenDNP3 open-source project and created successor software.

Jason McLaurin

Founding Partner

Founded Jcore, as part of 18+ years of experience developing IOT hardware and software. Developed several mission critical systems, notably in nuclear power plants and oil and gas. BS Electrical and Electronics Engineering Univ of Southern California.

Susan Milhau Scott

Director, Sales and Customer Success

Susan spent the past 4.5 years as the lead sales executive and manager of customer success at Energy Toolbase and Pason Power. She is a gifted at building strong customer relationships and navigating the complex worlds of energy storage project development and asset management.

Avram Dodson

Software Development Lead

Worked on missile and radar systems at the US Department of Defense with security clearance. Developed social media and mobile apps. BS. Computer Science Univ. of Texas.